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Through our Individual Advocacy, we promote and protect the rights of people from a non-English speaking background with disability and their family and carers in NSW.

“To advocate,” means to promote, protect and secure a person’s rights. The Individual Advocates at MDAA will help you to make sure that your rights are recognised and respected. An advocate will “stand beside” you and support you so you can make your own decisions and get what you need. We help people to stand up for their rights, for example, when people have problems with housing, immigration, school, work and disability services.

Are you a person from a CALD/NES background with a disability or a family member and you live in NSW and you want to:

  • Be free from abuse, neglect or discrimination?
  • Be treated fairly at work, home, within your community, or by your service provider?
  • Have your issues heard and acted upon?
  • Know more about your rights and responsibilities as a person with a disability or as a family member or carer?
  • Make your own decisions?
  • Know more about the services that are available to you?

When you contact MDAA, an Individual Advocate will ask you questions about your issues and the support you need and will listen to your answers. If you need an interpreter the Individual Advocate will arrange one. You and your Individual Advocate will make a plan together about what to do.



  • Intake Lines 9891 6400 or 1800 629 072.
  • No age limit
  • Consumer consent
  • Consumer name, contact number, and issue
  • Do not need to be on Disability Support Pension

  MDAA Individual Advocacy brochure

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